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Still Learning How To Forget
This a collaboration, work in progress, with Sandy Patten.revision June 15,2005
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Reni Kay/Sandy Patten
Reni Kay/Sandy Patten
June 16, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is an internet collaboration with a fellow songwriter on Just Plain Folks, Sandy Patten - rev. 6/15/05
Verse one: I've learned that our love won't last life long And I can remember every love's gone wrong song How I recall every lie that you told Your promises worthless as fools gold I've learned to take real good care of myself To change the oil, and put up a shelf I've learned a lot of things babe, it was no sweat, Why can't I learn to forget Chorus:I tried so hard to forget you and yet Pretend that you're someone I never met I've learned so darn much since the day that you left But I'me Still Learning, learning how to forget Verse two:Dining at a steakhouse in the last booth And wonderin' if this new man's telling the truth Worried I might again be playing the fool See, I learned a lot at your heartache school Your hand never left a bruise on me But there's still a scars that no one can see when they go to aching, I recall all your wrongs Still can't put the past get back where it belongs
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