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When You're Mine
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My first self-made multitrack recording (6 tracks) from 1983, which, prior to this was only seen in manuscript form and not heard as a song.
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Eric Vybiral
Eric Vybiral / Wobbly Music
March 02, 2003
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Story behind the song
Eric and his brother Alain are long-time friends of mine. We met at school and formed our very first band together, playing hits of the time (1974/5). Eric was the "real musician" among us at the time being the only fluent reader and played keyboards. He later wrote this song down in manuscript form and never heard it as a full arrangement until I hired some multitrack tape machines and keyboards and recorded this at home in 1983. Eric plays all the tracks except for Drums and percussion which I played. Backing vocals are Myself and Eric's ex wife.
Visit Eric's site... www.rickandalan.com and leave a message on their board asking Rick for the lyrics...he'll be most surprised you know the song!!