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Alabama D.A.
Famous jazz rock and Top 40 rock song of ASCAP composer, pianist, synthesist, arranger, music producer, and vocalist & former "Rock star" John David Thomas (John Thomas, 'JT'), in BILLBOARD mag (NYC) in 1974, on radio now in L.A., CA USA as of 2017.
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John David Thomas
1973 by John David Thomas (ASCAP)
May 31, 2005
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Story behind the song
I'll tell you later, this is a ficticious song by John, written by him in 1973 while he was at Ball State University getting his music degree there, this was made into a rock and roll record and had radio airplay in Indiana and Lousiville, Kentucky, and was on "jukeboxes" in Indiana, was sold in stores, the record label of John's and his dad, was written about in BILLBOARD magazine in New York City around 1974 in a small article. This is a super HOT rock song by John, and will be later "thickened and fattened up and given more balls" in the future, with digital delay.
Listen to me now Come and listen what I say Gonna tell you 'bout Alabama D.A. A funny little man With a funny little hat, no He's got a cane of ivory And a big fat Siamese cat Long long ago When the river was a stream Alabama met His Mississippi queen She didn't have a cane And she didn't have a cat, no But what she had It was enough to make that Siamese SCAT! Play it hard Play it long Turn me on I'm a funny little man And you're a funny little woman I want that funny little woman NOW! Interlude and repeat verse and tag
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