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Daddy's Not Here To Tuck You In Tonight
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I know why you're cryin' . . .
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
May 26, 2005
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Story behind the song
This actually came from a real life incident where my husband was gone, and I was crying, and my step-son said to me, "Mom, I know why you're crying, it's cause Daddy's not here to tuck you in tonight!"
verse 1: When his daddy was out of town My little man didn't know why His big wide smile would turn upside down And I'd say, "Son, I know why you are crying" Chorus: Daddy's not here to tuck you in tonight And give those special hugs to you It's not the same, but I hope I'll do Mommies and Daddies are different it's true Like the sun and moon way up above But just remember I love you too And you will always be loved 2. As he grew up and the years rolled by He looks so very much like his dad But I could still remember the nights that he cried And I dried his tears and said Lift: The time came when his dad was gone And I gave up on trying Till, my grownup little boy helped me carry on And said, "Mom I know why you're crying . . ."
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