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Sewer Song
the senseless frustrations of everyday life
Alternative - Grunge
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Maximum Headlessness
May 24, 2005
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(You're not your fucking khakis) (Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?) (This is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!) You live it, you learn it, you beat it, you burn it. You turn it, discern it while you're smoking on your cigarette.(coughing and hacking) I don't know, this isn't how it goes. This isn't how it goes, no, I really don't think so. But yea I see what you mean how everyone's a thief and what you got better put it all up for sale. But I don't know, that isn't how it goes. That isn't how it goes, no, i really don't think so. 1010001010100010101000101010001 You see it, believe it, you want it, you breathe it. You want to forgot and you really want to take your turn. You're catalogued as your cattle soldier on. CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING heard around the world. But yea I see what you mean so shut your fucking mouth now. You're such a shit, you always have to take my turn. But I don't know, that isn't how it goes, until my head explodes and now I really start to think so. 1010001010100010101000101010001 This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy, he go crazy and brings the chorus back home... KILL ALL THE PIGS 101000101010001010100010101000110100010101000101010001010100011010001010100010101000101010001 (now i swear the next one of you primates even touches me, yah!!!) You're laughing and crying, puking and dying. Sighing, denying, the trendy fads and market sales. But here's the tool, they really got you fooled, and now your jets are cooled so relax. (Well i can't now!) But yea i see what you mean how life can be a bitch. Good things roll around and you really want to take that turn. But you're not the same, you feel a bit deranged, they got you in a cage and you're just another lesson learned... (where'd you go psycho boy?)
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