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Thank You
Christian hard rock.
Rock - Christian Rock
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Chris Gill, Johnny Rhoads, Len Jennings
May 22, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is a song that that thanks the Lord for being who He is.
I pray my works will please you In my short time in this world Don’t let go of my hand I’m holding on for all I’m worth Thank You Lord for my life Thank You for all Your blessings You grant me grace and mercy And patience in my weakness (Chorus 2X) I am weak But He is strong And His Army marches on and on And on and on and on Satan will come to accuse and laugh I know I’ve already won Cuz that’s what Jesus promised Solo You’re with me in my despair And forgive me when I’m shaken Lord Jesus lights my way To see beyond my sin nature Chorus 2X
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