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Sleeping With The Enemy
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"this tale that signifies a vaulting ambition" - a tale about Macbeth. Sleep no more this night.
Rock - Goth Rock
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The Violet Dawning
1999 The Violet Dawning
May 19, 2005
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this tale that signifies a vaulting ambition keep your counsel close there are daggers hid in smiles of men falseness hiding avarice false face must hide what a false heart knows this story should be told ambition was foretold -chorus- sleeping with the enemy sleep no more this night he shall sleep no more no sleep in fair Glamis Cawdor sleeps no more Those in his command move not for his love his false title hangs loose upon him he keeps his counsel close foul whisperings are about unnatural deeds unnatural thoughts do breed for his own good all causes gave way yet Birnam comes to Dunsinane!