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Spoonin' With My Sugar
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Just for the 'sweetness' of it!
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
May 15, 2005
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Story behind the song
I'd been working on some pretty "dark" songs lately, and just needed to do something light and silly! Only one thing biographical about this song, I have been promising myself to use the names of exes in a song, . . .there's been 2 Tims, 3 Toms, and 1 Dutch . . . grin!
Spoonin’ with my sugar on a Sunday night Got get that sweetness while the time is right Monday’s a’ coming in just after the moon Ain’t got much more time to spoon Got me more than a little sweet tooth I need my sugar fix and that’s the truth Just need my Sugar to hold me tight Spoonin’ with my Sugar on a Sunday night Well, you can have your Tim’s, Tom’s and Dutch Never could compare to Sugar’s touch Just one taste and you’d agree But stand back girls, he’s sweet on me Oh is that the sun now chasing the moon We’re runnin’ out of time to spoon Gotta get my fill, gotta squeeze him tight Spoonin’ with my sugar on a Sunday Night
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