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One More (radio edit)
This is a radio edit of 'One More'. The full unedited version is on T4's 2009 album "As Is".
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #3,998
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #394
T. Williams, M. Reyes, B. Cantwell
May 14, 2005
MP3 3.0 MB
128 kbps bitrate
0:00 minutes
Story behind the song
This is the first new song completed by TYPE 4 version 2.0, and represents quite a leap of faith. We actually weren't sure we could go on without Brian, and initial recording sessions for this were awkward. But spurred on by the ghost in the machine (the first couple of lines in the song are Brian's), we went on to produce a kickass jam. "Broken homes and bones, broke hearts and more, T4's still alive..."
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