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attention deficit disorder .....(you know you're down with that!)
Alternative - Experimental
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Maximum Headlessness
April 28, 2005
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Story behind the song
i'm not here to sell you out (on the t.v. screen, cd-dvd, all your LSD's & A-B-C-D-E's) a painted doll on the wall on the window sill in the hall can u see all your friends with their hands in their heads? 1-2-3....A.D.D!! are you listening are you deaf? have you any common sense? i lost mine years ago when my head overflowed (i'm not here) to sell you out on the t.v. screens cd-dvd on your LSD with the LCD (who got A.D.D.?) 1-2-3....A.D.D.!!! but i don't want it running out i don't want it wasted i don't want you, anybody (i simply had to ask with patience was i what i expected in a past life? or just sunshine on someones face.)
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