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Red Shoe's a Dancin' Shottich/mixed & mastered
STORY/DANCE SONG - FULL BAND VERSION NASHVILLE SOON Every club has one hot lady like RED SHOES. And an old country dance band singer.
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Country - Traditional Country
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Ronnie SeCoy
R. SeCoy 1997 BMI
September 29, 2009
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Story behind the song
There really was a "Red Shoes" with golden hair who came often to the club I was in to flamboyantly dance. Written after weeks of watching, along with everyone else, as she would tear up the dance floor. Summers day in a warm light rain I walked 30 miles & wrote this song, singing it as I walked in the rain. NOW EDITING to make it one decade newer lyrics, 70's-80's-90's to now. Nashvilles interested in this song.
I'm a Texas cowby singer. Thirty years I've been travlin' cross this land. Dance hall after dance hall I've been a playin'. Night after night with the boys in my band. The first time I saw her it was the summer. Way back in 1975. First time ever in this small club. Long ago when her husband was still alive. I didn't think this place was special. I don't think that anymore. With her husband far off in his corner. As tables whisper, "Theres Red Shoes a dancin' cross the floor" In The 80's we played here for a weekend. Red boots on he was there, cane in hand. Silver was a flowin' in his temples. My new boys even younger in my band. Brightness filled my eyes as I watched her. One by one she wanted me to sing some more. Golden hair flowin' down across her shoulders. As tables whisper, "Theres red shoes dancin' cross the floor" In the 90's we booked a one nighter. All night long I watched for him to take his stand. Suddenly she came right up to me, and smiling, she offered me her hand. As we danced out into the center. I glanced at his corner just once more. Pulling close to her, she bent me down and whispered, "Theres red boots dancin' cross heavens floor" She pleaded with me here to settle. She had enough time left to dance for just one more. A year, turned to three, and then a decade. This nights my last to play for this old floor. I'm wearin' red boots new for dancin'. My boys set me up for my last night. My head filled with thoughts of romancin', dancin' and holdin' her so tight. Before the last set I went up to the bar keep. And asked if she'd entered the front door. With sadness in his eyes he turned and whispered, "Theres red shoes dancin' cross heavens floor" Alone I strode out into the center. And danced as we had so long before. This lonely old country singer, as tables whisper, "Theres red shoes a dancin once more."
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