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Sarah's Song (RADIO CUT- now CD QUALITY!!!)
Most played 'never released' indie single. Anthem of sick children, cancer patients, used during intercessory prayer in Churches. Insiders in Nashville estimate over one million copies exit. MUST SEE!!! LYRICS INFO pic of Sarah
Country - Christian Country
Charts #840 in subgenre today (peak #11)
Previous peak charts position #43
Ronnie SeCoy
R. SeCoy 1993 BMI
July 18, 2007
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MP3 3.7 MB  •  128 kbps bitrate  •  4:02 minutes
Story behind the song
As Sarah lay near death, her dad asked her, "If daddy writes you a song, will you sing and record it with me?" The doctors in the room were all crying as Sarah replied, "A song daddy!!! For me? And were going to record it? Is it going to play on the radio stations daddy?" As she hung on dad wrote her song that day. For nearly 5 days they could not let Sarah sleep, afraid she would die. They kept her awake practising it. It became the anthem of her bone marrow donor drives. In Canada they found her a match. Hospialized over a 3 year period she was eventually cured. In 2004 Sarah entered college pre medical studies. Did you pray for Sarah? Did you get a copy of her song? Pass it it on!!!!! And, yes Sarah, it plays on the radio stations.
remixed mastering by Bob Katz - Digital Domain - plays on both regular country and Christian stations worldwide original was 6:18 - THIS IS SHORTER RADIO TRACK Using a Sonic Solutions 5 board removed 2:06 from it to remaster radio cut= 4:02 long This version is included in the album now being produced and will is being re-released to radio.
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