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Kokopellie's Dance
A Native American Pied Piper brings the people together with the magic sounds of his flute.
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Richard Soaring Owl
April 29, 2005
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Story behind the song
When writing this song I had visions of Kokopellie walking into the sacred circle and starting to play his wondrous flute. Like the Pied Piper playing an upbeat tune the people heard the sound of his magic flute and began to enter the circle and danced all about following his every step. The sacred fire was light with white smoke rising into the sky Eagles started to gather and circle high in all their majesty. Regardless of age and disposition at that moment all the men; women; and children were filled with a magical light hearted joy and were compelled to dance in celebration. The village united and rejoiced with excitement and enjoyed this precious gift; the love of life itself. The Creator looked down upon his people and thought; Kokopellie; job well done.
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