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Bless Them Lord
Heartfelt song about blessings we share. Talks many needs facing the world today! Hunger,homeless,sickness,children,poverty. Let us count our blessings and reach out to others in need with compassion in our hearts! Iris & Tlee
Pop - Contemporary Gospel
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Tlee and Iris
April 24, 2005
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Story behind the song
Having seen many of the situations described in lyrics, some in my own life,I thank God for every blessing I share and want to be a blessing to others thru our songs and help anyone we can with their writing or by sharing my testimony.After seeing some parts of the world, I try to face each day with a smile and just try to live my life and be thankful in all things. Bless and be Blessed! Iris
Bless Them Lord 1) I saw a little girl walking down the street Her clothes were worn and ragged, no shoes upon her feet Her eyes were sad and blue, yet she shared the sweetest smile I had to stop and think about it, for what seemed like quite a while Dear Lord, I pray tonight, you'll bless this little child My grocery cart was full going through the checkout line More food than I could eat for I know a long, long time Turned and looked behind me, there stood a feeble, grey-haired man Loaf of bread, a pack of lunchmeat, and five dollars in his hand Dear Lord, I pray, tonight, You'll bless him once again 3) Breezing through the park on my daily stroll Had on my warmest clothes, not bothered by the cold On a park becnh slept a lady, no shelter from the wind I had to stop and pause again, for I wondered where she'd been Dear Lord, I pray, tonight, you'll bless her with a friend refrain: Dear Lord, Won't you bless them, the needy in this world The hungry and the homeless, abandoned boys and girls The sick, the afflicted, who cannot find their way.. I thank you for your kindness, count my blessings every day My only plea, You'll bless them, in Your holy name I pray
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