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Teach me to fall (Reprise)
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A more mellow return of the earlier track "Teach me to fall". This song reflects Paul's perseverance and humility right through to the end of his ministry.
Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #2,211
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #145
Ali McLachlan
Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
February 17, 2003
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Story behind the song
Vocals - Ali McLachlan Instruments - Mark Heath
You’re all I’ve got, but you’re all I need You taught me to fall into the ground and die like a planted seed You’ve been so great, I’m still so small Teach me the art of not giving up or giving in ‘till I’ve given all You’ve faced the shame, you’ve the storms First the crown of thorns, until the royal throne I’ll bear the cross, gladly follow you You’re not asking me to do anything that you first didn’t do So when you picked your dreams from the desert dust Your religious zeal has been found corrupt When God’s not who you thought he was When you flick your eyes and you cannot see You’re led by the hand to a strange city When your only friends were your enemies When you kick yourself for the life you’ve lived When you know your only righteousness is his When you’re scared what God’s expecting you to give And when the scales have fallen from before your eyes When you’ve burnt all your bridges and cut all your ties When it’s God’s way for the rest of your life Still cry “Teach me”