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To question God
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This song asks the question, "Who are we to question God?". It is addressed to a skeptic who doesn't believe God exists. Much of this song is taken from what God said to Job in Job chapters 38-40.
Rock - Christian Rock
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Ali McLachlan
Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
February 17, 2003
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Story behind the song
Vocals - Ali McLachlan Instruments - Mark Heath
You’re not beholden, can’t see anything that’s greater than yourself But you’re a blamer, ‘cause if anything goes wrong it’s always someone else And you’re a fighter, its on your terms or its not a deal But you’re a chancer, playing games with what is real Like a child reaching out to slap his father’s face, Unaware that he is resting on his father’s knee. You point your finger and you say you don’t believe that God exists “And if he does” you say, “I don’t believe he cares that much of me”. If you can lay the earths foundations If you make the darkness light If you can shape the seas and nations If you can bring a world to life If you can halt the stream of moments If you can guide the ocean breeze If you can enter into judgement without crawling on your knees Then it’s OK for you to question God