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Give me the wings
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This song describes Paul's desire to be in heaven with the Lord, yet his commitment to serving God while he is here on earth.
Rock - Christian Rock
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Ali McLachlan
Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
February 17, 2003
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Story behind the song
Vocals - Ali McLachlan, Instruments - Mark Heath
Give me the wings of a bird and I’d fly to your throne. I’d lay down the fight of my life and I’d get myself home. The glory is yours; the victory is yours alone. So give me the wings of a bird and I’d fly to your throne. I’ve got enemies for preaching the truth in every land. I set forth the truth of the gospel of God as plain as I can. They can put me in chains but the good news is free Well I may be dying but Christ lives in me. It’s only be grace that this work should be mine. To lift a dark veil from their eyes and let the light shine. The power of God is on me each day, Preaching hope for the lost from a vessel of clay. False men say, I’m out for myself and the Devil holds sway. On my way, I keep my head down and I work for the day When we’ll see what the Lord has to say. Give me the wings of a bird. Outside in my flesh, I’m wasting away. But here on the inside, I’m stronger each day. And all of my pain it won’t make me fall. Cause the glory that’s coming outweighs them all.