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one of my favorite songs, the ambiance throughout this song is very nice to sit back with the headphones on and close your eyes...some nice piano work, strings really sound sweet, and a nice bridge when the piano solo comes in and nice lyrics. =z=
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Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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shaun hull
yes bmi
April 19, 2005
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Story behind the song
i wrote about a friend who persevered through rough times but still managed to take care of her child, deliver papers, go to school, and clean houses and then have enough time to go to sleep…i always admired her for her strong character and determination so I wrote this. credits: shaun hull: guitars, vocals tom henry: piano, bass, sfx, harmony vocals jim henry: drums
carolsong she sings to the morning light she talks to the angels at night but do they really hear her if she could just get nearer her dreams of yesterday would still be around she makes the standard wage at the edge of town but she won’t walk with her head hanging down and she knows just what she wants and has no time for debutantes nor all the little bastards all around don’t look for things that you know find out what’s true down in your soul just persevere your dreams are near so take a chance and they’ll appear she stares out to the silent streets at night past the darkness to the light looking for the answers to who to be and what to do but the empty silent streets never make a sound you know it’s time the time is now and now it’s time for you to be you understood and you knew you could and now it’s time for you to see… now once you find your place in life you’ll see that all your dreams were really meant to be it all becomes so crystal clear when you’re the only one you hear so go and show the people far and near so sing to the morning light and talk to your angels at night you’ll find out that they do hear you and always there right near to you and eyes that use to cry wont shed a tear shed a tear shed a tear carolsong carolsong carolsong...fade