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Broken Cowboy
Slow Country song from a cowboy's point of view on love
Country - Traditional Country
Previous peak charts position #35
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Tlee and iris
April 17, 2005
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Story behind the song
Just was in the mood to write a pretty love song about a cowboy who has a lady who really thinks he is special, tho' he doesn't understand why.
"Broken Cowboy" (Tlee & Iris) You've got me on a pedestal what is it that you see I'm just a broken cowboy That's all I'll ever be A knight in shining armour Looking through your eyes You think this broken cowboy Is an angel in disguise But I'm just a broken cowboy that's all I'll ever be You think I'm something special And you've been good to me My trail of life is rugged My future could be dark But I know this broken cowboy Will never break your heart You watch me hang my hat at night put my dusty boots away We sit around the fireplace Thankful for another day You love to hear me sing my songs you share my every dream Sometimes it's hard to understand I am your everything
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