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Joli Blon
Choose a **free download** when you join The Rosinators' mailing list Traditional Cajun waltz, originally recorded in 1928 by Amedee, Orphy and Cleoma Breaux as Ma blonde est partie'. 'This is real acoustic roots at its best. Don't let this one pa
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Album - $8.00
Country - Cajun/Zydeco
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trad arr. The Rosinators
trad arr. The Rosinators (PDC Music)
September 10, 2005
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3:03 minutes
Story behind the song
More usually spelt 'Jolie Blonde' or 'Jole Blon' and often referred to as the Cajun National anthem - read the full history of this traditional Cajun waltz at Jolie Blonde : Lyrics & song history of Jolie Blonde
Lyrics (as sung by The Rosinators) 1. Joli Blon, ma chere 'tit fille Gardez donc quoi t'apres faire Joli Blon, tu croyais Il avait juste toi dedans le pays 2. Eh a ha! Eh a ha! Joli Blon ma 'tit fille criminelle Joli Blon, tu m'as laisse moi tout seul see Cajun Creole : Music, Food and Culture
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