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Come Get Me
Diss to Shady Aftermath.
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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Diabolical Rhymes
Diabolical Rhymes 2005
April 15, 2005
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Story behind the song
We gettin pissed at fake bitches thinkin they hot shit.
COME GET ME Spyda: I didn't wanna kill you but chu pushed me spreadin shyt about ma homie's now you actin pussy// I see you fake niggaz wit cha lame record deals and ya million dolla mansion don't mean shyt on tha real// betta bring it to tha streets if u wanna talk smack see how fast you get fucced up worse than dre in ya ass// Banks we know that chu gay wit ya flick on ya shelf Tha only shot 50 got was ya dick in his mouf// Eminem's still fake wit his teflon vest when ma nigga's get in range nothin lefta his chest// y'all ain't for a rumble in tha streets a tha south so jus keep Dr.Dre busy with cha dick in his mouf// Gay Unit in ya ass while tha mosh in tha pit Slim Anus made chu famous not ya posin and shyt// Ken Kaniff slim, mane he blasted ya ass made a b-line fo tha door then he raped cha fa cash// (x2): Come get me lil nigga betta Run quick flee See what I got here now, Guess you chose ta die not ride La da da da da da da da Pug Mug: Yea, I-ight man, I-ight man lets change this up, there we go, yea fuck Aftermath, fuck G-unit, Fuck Dr. Dre and fuck Eminem, y’all is a muthafuckin joke man. I-ight let’s hit this up one time. 50, i know u had a damn dicc all in & out That gave u a speech impediment, a thousand coccs in the mouth/ Wobblin round, fuccin wit ya vocals cords To ya tonsils n sound, givin u cold'll sores/ When banks came and banged them each day of the concert Sang dreams, n scream g-unit made u cough sperm/ For the many men had ta fucc ta get on Aftermath Like young bucc did ta Eminem/ Game u fake, neva been real that’s y ya pops left And still to this day, think u made worth a mill but on ya moms chest/ Say u been in a hood fight and took it like a man But u kept gettin slapped by Suge Knight at the awards over and time again/ And Eminem to this day, since u let Elton hold your hand, you aint deny u was gay But proved ya ways, when you made cleanin out mah closet is when u lost ya day Cause once u got signed ta Dre, and line up 50 is when u choosed ya fate/ Bitch Fuck Aftermath.