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The Comeback
This song was originaly written as a rap song I thought about making. My girlfriend at the time didn't like it that way and suggested I should give it a punkish feel to it. Sorry there are no drums yet. This is a rough draft.
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Joel Byrum
Joel Byrum -2005
April 12, 2005
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Story behind the song
This song was originally supposed to be a rap song. It's a song about war. Not "The War" -just the small wars everyone fights everyday. Listen to the 3rd verse!
Tonight is the night That we’re gonna take control of the mic Yeah that’s right You heard all the hype Move to the musical flow That’s bound to take control Grab a hold and never let you go Always with you cos you Never get a minute alone And every second that You waste and postpone The last stone thrown is Last straw that breaks The ass’ back We’re under attack and It’s time to strike back [chorus x2] Act now as a matter of fact Tell them to back down ‘cos we’re bound to react No doubt we’re gonna leave an impact You better back down ‘cos this is the comeback (So get off the track, Jack) [post chorus] Whoa whoa What do you think about that now x4 So, now you know The quid pro quo An eye for an eye Blow for a blow It doesn’t really matter What you believe in Karma’s so cliché What’s the reason We’ve been fighting throughout All the seasons This is not war This is high treason A betrayal of trust This must be stopped now If we’re going to adjust Then we’ve just got to [repeat chorus x2] [repeat post chorus x4] Who’s the number one microphone checker Let me wreck it now I’m gonna spit it now So let me hit it now There’s no reason for us To lose control But if you do Then I’ll come back at you ten fold Like I was Stone Cold It’s been foretold From the times of the old To the days of the new We are not through There’s unfinished Business to attend to Get up, stand up Fight for your right because Tonight is the night [repeat chorus x2] [repeat post chorus x4]
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