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Tribute to an Elder Duet
A home coming for a weary traveler.
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Richard Soaring Owl
April 29, 2005
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Story behind the song
When writing this song I would see visions of thunderous dark skies embracing the huge canyon walls were I was sitting playing my flute. I could see the cave dwellings high up the canyon walls. There weren’t many people walking about because the rain had already started. I saw several others of various ages including elders around a sacred fire making tobacco and sage offerings to the Creator. All though I couldn’t understand what was being said the air had a certain feel to it. While hearing the sounds of my flute bouncing off the canyon walls I often head a resounding response from the Thunder People. It sounded and felt like eulogy was being given to an elder that had crossed over. While playing my flute I saw dancing shadows of ancient spirits reflected on the canyon walls from the sacred fire. They were welcoming home a weary traveler. The traveler’s work was done; he had shared all of his life’s wisdom and experiences with the people especially the children. He was an elder; his final years were spent teaching. Sharing what he had learned; shared what had been gifted to him by the ancestors; all by word of mouth. He had passed on the ancient prayers stories and lessons just as his father and his father’s father had done before him. He understood that our children are our future and in order to keep our culture alive sharing was vital. This song is for you oh weary traveler rest in peace; Aho.
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