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Workin' in the Foondry
With The big Foondry Chorus. A somewhat humorous look at Victorian working conditions. Acoustic Guitar and banjo. In the Scottish Folk style, I think!
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Acoustic - Folk
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Stuart Simpson
BerryBush Music
April 07, 2005
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Story behind the song
The song deals with conditions for Iron Foundry (Foondry) workers from 1850 to the 1950s, where jobs were almost hereditary, passed from father to son, and housing was owned by the foundry owners. Inspired in part by my uncle Ian, who worked there for all his working life.
Workin' in the Foondry Words and music Stuart Simpson Copyright 2000 BerryBush Music CHORUS Workin in the foondry, tryin’ tae mak a wage, Been there aw my workin life, since fourteen years of age. I'll never be a rich man oan the foondry pey at a' But I dinnae complain o' the job that I'm daen - I jist keep workin' awa'. I hivnae got a notion, tae sail the world aroon', See London, Rome or Paris, or men yellae, black and broon. So I widnae be a sailor, on the ocean wild and wide. The Foondry work's sair, but I dinnae care - It's here I want tae bide...... CHORUS I could hae been a jiner, and made things oot o wid, A mason or coal miner wid hae suited jist as guid. Noo I work aside my faither - He'd a word in the Gaffer's ear. "Noo the laddie's grown, wad ye tak' him on?" That's why I'm here......... CHORUS I dinnae hae a castle, or a hoose in the country side. In a wee single end along the road, my wife and faimly bide. We let it frae the foondry, though the rent's a wee bit steep, But we manage fine, and I ken it's mine, Jist as long as I keep... CHORUS I've never been a shirker, though at times the work's gey sair, An the stoor goes in yer nostrils, and every ither where. We mak ranges, gratings, railings - oanything at a'' And we're jist a treat at a gairden seat - And piece time kick the ba'. CHORUS
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