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stuck in mississippi
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a song i wrote while warming up the morning i recorded the travelers song...
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shaun hull
April 07, 2005
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Story behind the song
this is quite a fun song...i wrote the lyrics and all in about 1hr as i was warming up to go in the studio to record travelers song...i don't know where it came from (it think i had heard "i'm the one" by mr. big the day before), just popped up as songs sometimes do...me, my martin d-35 and my engineer lonnie griffis on bass...real simple, real easy, recorded through a beautiful sennheiser mic, you can tell...just listen to that martin sound...yeehaw credits: shaun hull: martin d-35, 1967 (white) fender strat, vocals lonnie griffis: bass
Stuck in Mississippi welI i guess it's time to say goodbye to you i know ya don't love me but your families do umm-hum and you won't have me but your cousin will plus! She lives up there by the still,(hey!!) and i ain't eatin' fer at least a week but they say there's good crawdad in the creek umm... or go fishin' in the lake to see what i can find for me, myself, and my worried mind (yessa') stuck in mississippi all the people here look so strange stuck in mississippi just me and some pocket change guess i need to find me a job or sing for my supper soon i can't make it back to my hometown and i'm feelin' a little loon yea (guitar) well i'm walkin' down this country road lookin' fer a place to drop my load (umm- hum) let's see if ole' joe bob has some wine i hope he's still a friend a mine (yessa') and joe bob's daughter and her cousin brea i hope that they've got room for three (hey!!) 'Cause i pawned my geetar down the street man, eatin' them crawdads make me weak, eew...yep dey do 8 ( stuck in mississippi with those cocoa beach blues again stuck in mississippi i guess i'm my only friend cause ole' joe bob took a shot at me cause' his daughter is startin' to swell... 8 ) and all i can hear him say is "i'll see your $%$ in #$%% well...well (ad lib stuff:)aw man, what am i doin' here? I'm always getting in some kinda trouble, i don't know, how am i gonna get outta this one, aw man. who's that? hey c'mon joe bob, hey put that shotgun away man, hey!! hey!! joe bob c'mon man you know i'm innocent.. aw someone get me outta here...fade
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