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if the shoe fits
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title song off cd...written about relationships...
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shaun hull
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May 19, 2007
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Story behind the song
Shoe fits: This song is for my good friend jen who is no longer with us... tom did some very nice piano and string work here...this also took the longest to record because the transition from piano to guitar got f*** ed up by misusing the adats...took us 4 weekends to get it "back to good"... 8 ( didn't matter...jen loved it... credits: shaun hull: all guitars, vocals tom henry: piano, strings, bass, sfx jim henry: drums
if the shoe fits... what's the matter my love why such a sad face you left your shoes out in the rain barefoot in the wrong place stand amid the broken glass step softly where you go you wouldn't want to cut yourself but that's a thing only you would know, yea come back inside my love a storm might blow you away you've sure been one hell of a ride and I never knew quite what to say whatever happened to your innocence you misplaced it long ago and never care about the consequence passed out on the patio well it's a shame your heads a mess and your souls been so abused the quiet times are still loud as hell and your life here so misused looks like you made a wrong turn somewhere along the line a pipers tune led you away and you missed that one way sign don't try to run away too many thorns are in that road and did you have your pills today to help you with that heavy load well it's a drag you've had such pain no one around you seems to care they've all seen just what you got and that can be had anywhere you laugh and think that you're so cute when in fact no one's amused you can't recall what you did last night and just stand there so confused your mother's screaming on the phone about something that you missed you never will quite understand it's no wonder you're so pissed -piano- go back to sleep my love let the dreams take you away I guess you do what you have to do and tomorrow's just another day just remember that when you wake and everything is still the same you may change the way you look but you can never, change your name you will never, change your name change your name change your name repeat, fade credits: shaun=z= hull: all guitars, vocals =timley=tom henry: piano, bass, strings, sfx =jammin jim jive=henry: drums