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open your door
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a double tracked martin d-35, me on vocal and harmony, my engineer lonnie griffis on bass..a real flowing song with guitar de-tuned A string to G...no capo...
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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shaun hull
April 20, 2005
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Story behind the song
i tend to write abstract and ambiguous songs about people in and out of my life...but when my engineer said "so who's this one about"? i sat and thought for a few and said, damn...i think it's me
open your door open your door tonight don't be afraid to come out into the light they say it's not over 'till the fat lady sings but the kids down the street are wearin' all your precious things, yea well silver, diamonds and gold don't always shine that way you may think you don't but you hide your love away you live within your sadness or the latest thing sad little angel with a broken wing, yea just a little too angry just a little too sad just a little too precious just a little too bad just didn't quite make it that's what they say but you don't have to fake it to come out and play it's always late when you realize that this life goes by so fast you need to play a bit slower as this present becomes your past, yea just a little too dirty just a little too clean just a little too playful just a little too mean -guitar- just a little too distant just a little too near just a little too different just a little too queer so open your door tonight no need to bring the key when you you step outside there's a midnight rider leaving today so just be ready to take off when you you fly away you fly away you fly away... credits: shaun-z-hull-guitars-vocals lonnie-homer-griffis-bass