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Living Between (4 track version)
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Being a link in the chain of life
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Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
April 05, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is about living between the lives of two people who never meet in person. Specifically the loss of an Aunt of mine in December 2003, and the birth of my daughter in April 2005. In that 16 month period, I was the one living between the two of them. Recorded on the PS5 while also working on the 788 version. Both share the same drum, marimba and vocal parts, but the PS5 is playing bass. I'm playing the piano and string parts.
There you are, smiling out from photographs we took once Long ago, when the world was so much brighter I recall, memories frozen in my mind since From a time, when my heart felt so much lighter Sometimes it feels like I talk to myself Tell me what you see The silence deafens me For awhile, never thought I'd let myself recover from the pain left behind when you were taken Even now, I can feel it in me like a splinter Crying out, where the words lie still unspoken I know I'm sitting all alone by myself Everywhere I turn The emptiness still burns I never thought of myself in between Holding on to one, the other still unseen Only when losing my grip on the past Would the future come, breaking out at last Here I am, in a world that's moving on without you Pulling me, pushing me into the future With a smile, from a face in photographs so brand-new How I wish, I could put you in the picture When I'm still calling your name in the dark Turning on the light Takes you out of sight Bridging the gap between the old and the new They can never meet, I'm between the two Wishing it never had to turn out this way What I wouldn't give, if they could share a day Little one, did you know that you would be the answer Filling shoes that may seem too big to try on Never mind, take your time and we'll go there together Memories, you’ll recall when all else is gone One day you're sitting all alone in the dark If you shed a tear Will I be there to hear?
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