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Henry VIII and H.G. Wells on a power trip gone awry with a colorful cast of characters in 3/4 time.
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Jim Hesser
Jim Hesser BMI 2005
April 04, 2005
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Story behind the song
"They" say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Few are involved here, or maybe they are... and the moral of the story is?
Good king Henry, in his glory, Surely screwed the people well. He was sentencing a Mary When along came H.G. Wells. That's when foetid inspiration Sparked within king Henry's soul, "Go through time in every nation Until tyrants fill my halls!" He brought Calligula and Katherine, Ivan, Qin, and Benito, Adolf came and Alexander; Making Henry twitch and glow. Herod shut the door behind them, All in good king Henry's hall. H.G. Wells was guest of honor then At Henry's "Ball of Balls." Gengis ran along the rooftop Coronating all the vermin It seemed that in their company He felt a little bit more certain. He called upon king dysentary, The queen of blisters and bade them well. They suffered all in Henry's hall And locked us in a timeless hell. Phoenix Gengis belches forth On a palamino locust. Touches down near Henry's corpse Wedged between the "Golden Arches."
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