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Fade Away (Acoustic)
Alternative - Other Alternative
Previous peak charts position #846
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #119
Sicks 8 Teen
Sicks 8 Teen
March 30, 2005
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Because I love you I will fade away Because I love you I can’t stay I want to feel your touch I miss the way we kiss I wonder if she ever felt like this (chorus) And you say Well I love you and I cannot leave but I cannot stay You’re just an illusion anyway And you say Well I love you but I love her too, What can I do? Why my heart belongs to two Because I love you, I feel incomplete I compare you to everyone I meet No one could ever take your place That’s the biggest fear I have to face (repeat chorus) Now I sit here and try to understand No energy left, not a bone intact Why did she use me as the shelter from the storm? I never meant her any god damn harm (repeat chorus)