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March 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
reading a novel by the ocean at sunset
Something's wrong tonight The lights are shining bright in my eyes But I know all the words to all your songs You said it best I guess Spare the women, kill all the rest Yeah, I know all the words to all your songs But somewhere summer sets On southern dialect You see It's all just foreign to me Still I know the world will not stop spinning for me I'm moving on inside I'll step aside The lights are shining bright In my your eyes tonight I know you Can't understand I want to I won't touch your hand Something's wrong tonight I'm booked on JFK's red-eye flight Yeah, I knew all the words would come out wrong So take my hand And walk with me one last time Do you know that film where the actors go On their separate ways Only to return another day I want us to remain Things aren't the same This one hurts like hell I wish you well So this is our good-bye You know your lines I still love you I love you too The confusion sets in What is real? And what's to be forgotten? My insides have rotted away But maybe it's better To remove them all together Leave me a shell of a girl Empty but so pure, I'm pure Give me the world in black and white And stare me gray in your eyes tonight And as scholars decipher your lines I knew their meaning all this time As they sell your story I claim I made it glorious, you Can't know how much I miss you It's just something that just builds and builds, And I realize it's killing you too