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Jesus to the World
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The call of Christ is a call to action: how we live and treat one another. So many claim to be Christians but so few of those actually walk the talk. This is an affirmation song naming and claiming the walk.
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Paul David Stanko
2002 Feel the Joy! Music
February 20, 2006
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Story behind the song
I started out transcribing a "disco" lick. I really liked the sound of it. Working in a church, you get to see all kinds of things most people don't want to talk about. Most of that is how people treat and act toward one another. This song is a congregational response to that problem. "I can see, it's not about me, but our human family" sort of sums up the walk. It's really all about the golden rule. Originally, the chorus was all "I" language. But in chatting with my pastor, we have come to realize much of Christian music today is individuated to exclude others in the journey. Truly, each persons journey to the creator IS individual, but we are all on the road together. Again... back to that line, "I can see it's not about me..." So I changed the chorus to "we" language so all are with us on the journey. The "Cher voice" in the center was somthing I wanted to try. I think it takes the song to a whole other level. This has kind of evolved into a "theme song" for our P&W (Praise and Worship) service. Some of the team and congregants have even evolved choreography for the chorus. ...how very Rocky Horror Picture Show of them. :-)
Feel the stiring deep inside calling through space and time, "Come walk in the light." A call to walk as love receiving power from above. Those who answer live what they believe. Chorus: We will go and serve: a living example. We will stay the course: with faith as our shield. We will live in love: a witness to all people. I can see it's not about me, but our human family. To answer the call we must be Jesus, Jesus to the world. The voice is calm and clear,so few choose to hear: afraid of what the answer might mean. Not a lable or a name, no celebrity or fame: just a heart for everyone on earth. (chorus) Bridge: To ignite the Spirit among us and for good to overcome, we must heed the calling. We must be the hands and feet of God! (chorus 2X)
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