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Song for Camille (Vocal version)
Here's a reinterpetation of our guitar/drums/Stick powerhouse! The guitar solo absolutely kicks!
World - World Fusion
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March 16, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is not a remix as much as it is a "re-done" version.We re-recorded laying down the tracks "live" ala Ted Templeman.In other words,we plugged in,miced everything,and recorded everthing straight to harddrive.Reed later mixed the levels set the e.q.,verb,etc. We have added some cool female vocals to this version and Reed added some cool tabla parts as well. As a side note,Mario is in top form here.His solo on this simply blew us away. The tone,the licks,the melody,everthing about his solo here is just phenom! We hope you agree.
We have no idea what the woman is singing about here! The vocals were part of an Eastern Indian vocal sampler.If anyone who speaks this language can tell us what she is saying,we will send you a CD.Just leave your ideas on our message board or e-mail us with the subject "Camille Vocal". In case we get more than a few entries,we will paick a name at random. Thanx and good luck!
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