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Too Much To Say
Classic rock on the heavy side.
Rock - Classic Rock
Previous peak charts position #105
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
Dan Epp
1981 Dan Epp
May 18, 2005
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4:39 minutes
Too Much To Say Copyright 1981 Dan Epp Chorus Too much to say But nothing coming out Yeah, You got too much to say But nothing coming out It makes no sense Well I called you up to ask for date But you say that I'm too late You've got your hair in curls Your night dress on Then I hear your out on the town Chorus Now I'm not the one to question your moves But I think Your leading me on Cause everytime I try to get you alone You've got a thousand and one lies to say Chorus Solo break: Chorus Yesterday it was a broken nail Today your hair is split to the endz Tell me what your trying to do to Me I'm goin crazy just wondering why Chorus To much too say: repeat to fade
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