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OT3 is the super-secret level of $cientology where we learn that million of years ago - we were kidnapped by the galactic emperor Xenu and dumped into volcanos. Sound stupid? Just be glad you didn't for over a hundred grand to learn about it.
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Queso/ Touchmonkey
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
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Story behind the song
The real story is that gullible people have had to pay upwards of a hundred grand to learn what I'm telling you for free. To find out more - do some searching on Google - you'll learn all sorts of creepy stuff.
L Ron Hubbard was a con man. A bloated, stupid charlatan. Its time to show his lies again. L Ron Hubbard spent the last of his days in a Vistiril haze, with a BT craze, but let's talk about his earlier phase. Wife beater, tax cheater, pill eater, lie repeater, e-meter, thought reader, mocked-up films in giant theaters. He couldn't cut it in the Navy, he was found unfit for command - so when his book Dianetics was printed and was more successful than he planned - he took the money from his Freudian ripoff routine, and started up a national pyramid scheme. I audit you, you audit me - everybody winds up clear, you see. But Dianetics had a problem - it couldn't operate tax free, so Hubbard started a new scam - the church of $cientology. Now clear wasn't good enough any longer and you had to be OT, and you had to pay a hundred thousand dollars or more just to make it up to OT3. "The wall of fire", the Xenu story - how Thetans were robbed of their formmer glory. You see there was a fella by the name of Xenu, he was the galactic emperor and he knew that folks weren't gonna reelect him, so he hatched a plan to collect them. He froze them in glycol and alcohol and packed them into DC-8's. He kidnapped tens of millions of them and transported them through space. He brought them to the planet Teegeeack, which is the planet Earth we happen to be living on. He dropped them into live volcanos next, and blew up the volcanos with an H bomb. And so - now when a Thetan reincarnates in a body, other Thetans stick to it and keep it working shoddy. Got to grab the cans, blow the rock-slams, purchasing a mind-fuck on the cult installment plan. Shame on you Ron, for the lies you believed, and for the ones you don't, and for the folks you deceived (X4)
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