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$cientologists claim they can produce beings with superpowers called "Operating Thetans" or OT's. Only problem, there has never been even ONE of them.
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Queso/ Touchmonkey
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
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Story behind the song
Tell me again how you can exteriorize, little clam.
Here's what happens when you join a cult - they're gonna use and abuse you - child or adult. $cientology or Aum Shin Rikyo, Branch Davidians or the followers of Jim Jones. I hate to state generalities, but there's similatities - split personalities. They show the world one face, the followers get another. Disguised as religion to steal minds and money undercover. $cientology specifically, gives followers the goal of becoming OT. OT stands for Operating Thetan; a being in control of the creation of matter, energy, space, and time - by using the technology that Hubbard left behind to destroy the conscience, or reactive mind, and attain godhood in your own lifetime. But there's NO OT's not anywhere, NO OT's not one. Since there's no OT's, not one, we can learn important lessons from those who entered the trap and came limping back to tell us its whack. First lesson: Us and Them - everything good is Us. Everything bad is Them. Them is defined as those who are behind the conspiracy against us in the battle for the mind. Its a really big plot, and everyone who is against us is a part. Thats what $cientologists get taught. It's the excuse for when the crooks get caught. Lesson number two is seperation. Moving Us apart from Them - creating segregation. No worldview but one in your ear, no plan but the cult's for you to hear. As the weeks go by, theres a look in your eye. A fanatic in development, a zealot on the rise. Deaf to the cries of your family, you say "Not when I've got this prize in front of me." Lesson number three is full indoctrination - the washing of the brain - total subjugation. Control is reinforced on your mind as your words are redefined, friends are left behind. You study strange crap for hundreds of hours, lying to yourself that you're developing powers, but you're not. And you know why? Cause theres NO OTs not anywhere, NO OTs not one! Lesson number four is disillusion. Walk away dizzy with emotional contusions. Escape the confusion, destroy the illusion, return to the real world fusion. Lesson number five is when you make it out alive and grow and thrive despite they way they tried to make you take a dive. You showed 'em you'll survive no matter how they connive or what jive they contrive. So learn these five lessons well because they could save you from a guided tour of hell. A trip where you lose your money and your family, a journey that robs you of your dignity and sanity. Theres NO OTs not anywhere, NO OTs not one! (x2) If there was one OT would you be calling them wrong, or hearing this song, or singing along? Take it from me - sure as nothing is free - that L Ron was a con and there are no OTs. Theres NO OTs not anywhere, NO OTs not one! (x2)
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