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Bigotwatch This
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This song was in response to $cientologists calling anyone a bigot who questions the insane ramblings of their dead conman guru.
Peak #47
Peak in subgenre #16
Queso/ Touchmonkey
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
MP3 2.8 MB, 128 kbps, 0:00
Story behind the song
The culties used to have a site called Bigotwatch, where they posted pics and personal info of their critics and other free speech advocates.
Afraid and alone, she sits on a throne - frigging her snatch with a dead child's thighbone. A phone rings. She screams! "I'll never come, now!" She careens to the cans, vaguely hating all man, gotta suck on the glands of the cash cow. No sense of humor, so you cry bigot. Well stick it up your anal spigot - your whole head if you can fit it. You know we'll never quit it 'til you stop it with the bullshit. Your blasphemy is our comedy, we sail the seas of cheese while OT3's await their fate - which is to wheeze on OT8 - aboard the Deathwinds ASBESTOS SCRAPE! It isn't costin me a lot of money, so I find it funny - you let a dwarf replace a dummy. A rummy with pinks and greys inside his tummy - get chummy with anyone who'd help him get more scurry. Does a bigot being watched see a bigot looking back? Does a clam hear my laughter or a canned laughtrack? If your bigot is a bitch, with a pussy like a rotten fish - I'm gonna hurl shit, and shake my dick and SCREAM - "Here's a fuckin bigot for you clams to watch, I hate everyone who has a crotch." Or cuddles a thought, lost and muddled with rot, that people who mock clams are bigots - they're not. In a pot full of shit - that's the bigotwatch bitch. Her cunt hair so thick she trims with a torch, she looks like a drag-queen, but more like Larry Storch. But she's not half as ugly as Michael Ri***r. OSA head named Michael Ri***r - David Mis****ge's genital-grinder. A bigger fuckin' asshole you won't find - a dick in his pants it's a sad reminder of the neutering that the clams get - in their pants and their souls and their hearts and their heads. "What are your crimes?" The attack chant chimes. You're going down. We framed you good, you're going down this time. We've got P.I.'s we hire inside spies. We pay the witnesses to tell the lies. We'll break into your place and steal your stationary, mail a bomb-threat to ourselves - tell the police you're scary. We'll call your work to tell them you're a pedophile. We'll break into your car to plant a crack vial. We'll picket your house, call you a nazi - post your name and address on the net from Cotse. Put acid in your toothpaste in your hotel. You dare to tell the truth - we'll make your life hell. Bigots watching bigots watching bigots watching back. You goddam clams got bigots out the ass-crack. Attacking from the left and right, intolerance sent every night, enturbulate you - cause a blight, while laughing at the Scieno's plight - the painful realization that bitch Hubbard's full of shite. Does a bigot being watched see a bigot looking back? Does a clam hear my laughter or a canned laugh track? (3X)
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