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An Avagram is a nasty lawyer letter from $cientology lawyer Ava Paquette. Want to get one? Engage in the kind of free speech that irritates insane fascists and you just might get several.
Peak #38
Peak in subgenre #15
Queso/ Touchmonkey
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
MP3 2.8 MB, 128 kbps, 0:00
Story behind the song
I got an Avagram.
I got a letter from a talking clam. Its an Avagram, Its an Avagram! I said Ron got penetrated by another man. I got an Avagram, I got an Avagram! Sten in Sweden called Hubbard a sham. He got an Avagram, he got an Avagram! Barb posted part of the OT plan. She got an Avaram, she got an Avagram! Avagram, Avagram - humor is the one thing cults can't stand. If you don't give in to their lawyer's demands, and you mock them in a song - you'll get an Avagram. "The purpose of the lawsuit is to harass and discourage, rather than to win." "If possible, of course, ruin him utterly." - L Ron Hubbard Avagram, Avagram - from the lawyers of the worlds most sinister scam. Freedom of speech isn't for critics in bands, according to the wording of the Avagram. Ava Paq****e - listen up, don't forget - I laughed when you cried when L Ron Hubbard died. You'd better mail it on two-ply for what I've got planned, the next time that you send another Avagram. Slashdot posts were forced to scram. They got an Avagram, they got an Avagram! Time magazine made the world understand. They got a whole lot more than just an Avagram! Church of Subgenius mocks and expands. "Bob"'s got a birdcage lined with Avagrams. David Mis****ge's prostate gland puckers every time he reads an Avagram. Ava Paq****e, our favorite lawyer, but some say she's a soul destroyer - or just a witch, who's quite lie-tigious. But what the hell if it's religious. Send another telegram, sue a poor comedian, stop another little band from pointing out the evil deeds. Talkin 'bout the spaced-out creeds. Straight laughing at their weird mythology, crude pathology, sorry Ava, no apology. It's music versus $cientology. Mark Bunker took video of nasty clams. He got an Avagram, he got an Avagram! Bob Mintons' got a stack of them as tall as a man. He's probably got a hundred thousand Avagrams! Fredric Rice knows what happens when you show the sham - you get Avagram after Avagram! PTSC's got an interesting plan - to show the whole world the true purpose of the Avagram.
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