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Ron Got Penetrated
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Ron Hubbard was sodomized by a man named Jack Parsons during a black magic ritual called the Babylon Working.
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Queso/ Touchmonkey
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
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Story behind the song
The true story of Hubbard's sodomy.
Was the Babylon Working what had you jerking off a guy named Jack? The facts say that your magic was gay and he was on top in your mom and pop coupling. In the hope of doubling power with a fudgy link. Did it work out for him like he planned? Or did it leave him as an impotent, insane, old man? The magic ritual act is a fact. Hubbard took it up the pooper from a guy named Jack. Did he make the Moon Child, or did his ass just bleed. Ron let his Eye of Set get wet with seed. Ron Got Penetrated (X2) But it wasn't from Jack and the Babylon Work, but in a freight-train on venus where he acquired the quirk of penile dysfunction and being a jerk and a joke when he spoke. It's a spoof of the truth. In a shell - he's a sham and he's less than a man and his scam is a game for the clearly insane and the suckers who slurp from the unholy founts as they circle like vultures and drain the accounts. By his own admission, he'd had a long tradition of anal self-indulgences that hindered his precision in math, and science, and other things he didn't get. His only skill was lying and he wasn't even good at it. The shit gets deep when L Ron speaks. His cheaply arranged and deranged psychobabble is estranged from reality, a malady of diction. It strives to surpass Ron's lack of education. Delusional, like a man on acid - with a contusion - caught in an illusion of confusion. Turning to pills and booze and then falling down and getting up again. Not knowing who, what why, where, or when - and swatting at the BT's as he scrambled for the cans. Ron Got Penetrated (X3) And so he died with a bandaid on his flabby, white ass concealing needlemark reminders of the oh-so-recent past. When he was screaming 'bout the BT's that were all over his body and the Vistiril was flowing like your final, bloody potty. Mealy-mouthed and moronic. Hyperbole and rhetoric. Sick shit kicked from a mind that couldn't handle it. Ron's will collapsed, his anus prolapsed, reality gaps caused his sanity to lapse. And he wrapped himself in synocphants and yes-men. What happened next, I think you can guess then. Old L. Ron your life is gone. Now all that remains of the con are the scavenger dupes that have seized the reigns in your game of shame. Old L. Ron your life is gone. Now all that remains of the con are the scavenger dupes that have seized the reigns in your game of shame. Ron Got Penetrated (X6)
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