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Commodore Rimjob
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The events described in this song were witnessed while in astral form. There is no claim that these events have happened on the Earth plane.
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Queso/ Touchmonkey/ P-Squared
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
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Story behind the song
When you see a self-righteous bully who can't take a joke - can you resist poking him? We can't.
Corrupt and corroded above the neck, Helena's got a face like a bad train wreck. Like a Jack O Lantern after 3 weeks in the trash - wrinkled, reeking, pinched and leaking - stinking like her gash. Corrupt and corroded below the waist, Ko***n's got a clam no man could possibly taste. Like an Arby's beef and cheddar sandwich left out in the rain -her droopy labia hang. Her palsied pudenda is like meat in a blender. Her distended vagina in encrusted with grime and it spews a clear slime from the front, from behind, from her mouth, from her mind, every time she drops that line - "What are your crimes?" David Mis****ge - that midget, NAMBLA member, necrophile, punk bitch. Or is he just a man with his thetan in his hand? He can fuck a can of spam with his OT abilities. He can mount his mother with a clam-ike agility. He says that he can travel to another world, but instead he stays at home dressed like a little girl. He can put a red-hot poker right against his penis, while stretching out his anus with Ron's buttplug from Venus. A sad little runt, little cunt in a sailor suit. If it wasn't so pathetic, and he was 10, it would be cute. But he's not too cute with his tongue up Hubbard's poop-chute. Dead for 16 years, Dave licks his rear for hidden loot. I smell a bitch who skipped a million dollars bail to stay out of a Spanish jail to keep the cocks out of his tail. Cause he'll only be a bottom if Mis****ge is the top, and he can't get and erection til his mommy's there to watch. Heber Jen****h, a rotten stech comes drifting from his lips. Is it shit or just a tumor from asbestos on his ship. You know it's not a rumor, even though he's getting old - that he mounts that midget's pole while he works the gloryhole. Commodore Rimjob (4 X) The commodore's a boring whore with all eyes shut and anus sore. A sorry, washed-out, wimpy schmoozer. A mamma's boy, a lying loser. Lying lost in his delusion, fist and anus doing fusion. Freaking on a Body Thetan, bloated ego fat with hate. An absolute disgusting turd, a lie found in his every word. A bullshit babbling braggart bitch, backpeddler, a little snitch. Deranged, arranged his cosmic pitch, it caused a glitch up in his head. SO LONG L RON, YOU CON, YOU'RE GONE, AND WE'RE SO GLAD YOU'RE DEAD. Vistiril in massive doses failed to stifle Ron's psychosis. Bandaid on his flabby ass was hiding 50 needle-tracks. Strange evidence came in from the coroner's report. Apparently in death, Ron had received his just reward. There were 400 types of semen in L Ron's ass. Every man in the Sea Org had made their pass. There was one type of saliva on L Ron's ass. If you tested Dave Mis****ge, you know it would match. Dave was the last in line to fill Ron with his semen, and then he dropped onto his knees, and then he feasted like a demon. One last rimjob was the commodore's request, and his rigor-mortised anus would get his successor's best. Commodore Rimjob (12 X)
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