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Biggest Hearts in Texas (Merrik's Song)
The painfully true but inspiring story of a two-year-old boy named Merrik and his valiant stand against cancer, with a little help--and often a lot of help--from a loving family and some of the kindest and most generous people in the world.
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2005, Den Hollinden (ASCAP.) All rights reserved.
March 10, 2005
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Story behind the song
I'm the friend of a friend of Merrik's mom. That's how it started anyway. Now it feels more like we're all one big family. I was deeply touched by Merrik's fight against cancer. For a while, I just shared DenHollinden.com with him. I would help get the word out about fundraisers and new developments in his treatment. One day I did some soul searching and started thinking how I'm a singer/songwriter, and that if writing a song about Merrik could do some good then I ought to try to do that. Lyrics and music started coming, and before I knew it, I was writing. I told my friend Robyn I had this idea, and she told me I needed to have the thing ready for Merrik's next fundraiser--then only a couple of weeks away. Yes, she's a slave driver but a cute red headed one. : ) Timing could have been a lot better, since I had the flu at the time, but somehow (big surprise) I got something written and recorded, and here it is. I have to warn you though: Merrik becomes real special real fast, and whether or not you're Texan, you'll find your heart growing faster than the Grinch's on Christmas morning. This is Merrik's song.
Baby, don't you cry; You had a bad dream. The things we see in shadow Ain't quite what they seem. Doctors say you're doin' great, And only time will tell. That rain's God tossin' pennies Into your wishin' well. (Chorus) Sleep, Baby, sleep Until the mornin' light. The whole world is prayin', Sayin' Lord, let you be all right. Jesus's got you in His hands; He's holdin' you so tight, And the biggest hearts in Texas are Lovin' you tonight. You know you're never gonna be alone; You got angels workin' overtime on the phone. They're cuttin' hair and cookin' chili, Girls and guys with guitars up here actin' silly, Auctions, sales and CarePage emails-- People doin' what they do for you, 'Cause we want you around. Chorus Even the good ol' boys Down at the bars Lent their knuckles to your fight, And the biggest hearts in Texas are Lovin' you tonight.
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