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Make Money, Make More Money
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The true motto of the cult of $cientology.
Peak #3
Peak in subgenre #2
Queso/ Touchmonkey/ Dave Bird
Joint Trench Records 2001
February 03, 2003
MP3 2.9 MB, 128 kbps, 0:00
Story behind the song
Wanky nutball culties who lie that they aren't greedy, money-obsessed assholes.
$cientologists call me a bigot. I'm here with the court facts, it's a music picket. It's for all the critics and the lurkers who dig it. Cause we KNOW it gives 'em rickets when we kick it like ths: Pill poppin', rum swiggin', wife beatin', friend cheatin', check bouncin', ass wobblin, race hatin', goat bombin', homophobic, coke sniffin', chain smokin', salad quizzin', warrant dodgin', no good conman. L Ron Hubbard was a man of his word, but his words were lies and turds, fat like his thighs. They were so oversized it defies my capacity to measure his insanity. I wonder if he planned to be a fraud like he turned out, all burned out. With no will, then two wills, then dead, with an ass full of vistiril. Music that mocks $cientology. He lied for a living, always taking, never giving anything but orders. A hoarder of money and guns and drugs and thugs and intelligence. Its a good thing that his lackeys were incompetent. Operation Snow White showed right through the disguise of propriety, the mask of legality. The veneer was stripped away to show us the true face of the Church of $cientology. Their ACTUAL philosophy: Make money, Make more money! (4X) Mary Sue Hubbard and ten other clams were eventually jailed for a sinister plan to infiltrate and wiretap the world's governments, find info that could harm them, steal files and documents, and try to sneak away with them. But guess who got caught in a paranoid plot? WHAT? It was Mary Sue. What's Hubbard gonna do? You think he stepped in to save the day? No fucking way. That coward hid until his dying day. Make money, Make more money! (4X) $cientology. What can be said? Shit poured from the head of a madman that's dead and gone. There's something very wrong with Ron. His dong don't work. The guys a jerk. His wall of shit: 8 million thick. Charlatan tricks for pompous bitch. For followers who take the fist - El Queso Allstars bring you this: Make money, Make more money! (4X) Touchmonkey pops up to piss on the clam's crop and drops with the fusion that mocks the illusion. Queso attacks with the facts and the slack that cause idiot Rondroids confusion. Make money, Make more money! (8X)
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