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Snowball Johnny - Unconditional Love
1999 recording done with to reel to reel sony tapecorders, first version of the song - Snowball Johnny at all instruments, for the first time ever! Resapled and compressed july 25th 2012
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Alternative - Alt Power Pop
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Mario Stroermann
Mario Stroermann
July 25, 2012
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4:27 minutes
Story behind the song
It's even better than in dreams but I still row the boat upstream all my friends call me a liar I lay here swimming in desire but I'm no swimmer I'm a flyer Late at night the empty streets I walk Look inside in my head I talk I'm a lover I'm a FREAK In your heart I'm gonna sneak Cause I'm stronger when I'm weak Crucial thoughts that I have had But they could never drive me sad Yea I've tried every jumper switch Nothing works to get this witch Must be the season of the b*** So I sit here jamming with myself Sometime it's heaven then it's hell No matter how tricky it could get Live is not at all that bad When you're creaming in your hand I dream of you I dream you're free And in my dreams it is me!!!!!! I kiss your lips, they taste cosmetic I touch your skin I get exstatic Boy, when I'm in love it is PATHETIC