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Brush Em Off
Brush Em Off, Don't let your problems get to you, Brush Em Off, keep the faith and don't give up. God Bless!
Urban - Gospel
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Tina J
So Poz Records
March 08, 2005
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LYRICS BRUSH EM OFF Writer: Tina J (ASCAP), Matthew “Mozart” Jenkins (ASCAP), Ed Jenkins, Sr. (ASCAP) for So Positive Publishing Producer: Matt “Mozart” Jenkins, Ed Jenkins, Sr. for So Poz Productions Lead Vocals: Tina J BGV: Tina J All Music: Matt “Mozart” Jenkins People try - try o mess up my day Tell me that I can’t Preach the word tell someone Bout the goodness of my Lord But I know that I can and I will I won’t stop until he comes back again, back again Pre-Hook Where is all your faith? Don’t give up Where is all – all strength Don’t give up Where is all - all your happiness? Don’t give up Where is all – all your hope? Don’t give up Hook Brushin my shoulders off Stop messing with me Letting nothing stop me Stop playing with me (2x) It all in the mind if you start Start to think abut all your problems Then they start – start to bother you Even more but if you concentrate On his holy word never think that The word of the Lord God ain’t true Bridge The devil’s got no power in my life I’m gonna be a solider on the front line Even if I’ve gotta put up a fight I’m gonna use voice with all of my might
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