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Kokopelli's Lament
A song that reflects the feelings of an empty heart when we realized a true love wasn’t destined to be.
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Richard Soaring Owl
April 29, 2005
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Story behind the song
Young braves would take their flute out at night and find a quiet place in the forest not far from a young maiden’s lodge that has struck his fancy. He would play the flute with all the passion from his heart expressing his love for her. It’s said that if the song was pleasing to her ear it would touch her heart and she would become aware of the young braves infatuation. Hopefully this would eventually result in bring them together and they would be wed. Kokopelli being the romantic that he was also tried to court the love of a young maiden but he wasn’t always successful in winning her heart. This song represents a time in our lives when we all felt we found our first true love but for what ever reason it wasn’t meant to be. This song tries to reflect that lost feeling: the empty heart; when we came to that realization.
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