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Full Moon Runnin' Roughshod
slightly rocked western ballad of the moon and lovers' hearts
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #108
Vern Batty
2000 Vernon Batty
March 03, 2005
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Story behind the song
Just an idea that hit me when watching the full moon chase clouds one night.
Full moon in the saddle Ridin' out tonight across the sky I hope I don't get caught up In that lasso he swings around my mind. I can take a lot of proddin' Before I turn my eye Can run a lot of miles Before I change my mind There's a full moon runnin' roughshod over peoples' hearts tonight He'll turn you if you stray from the influence of his sight He'll cut you out, corral your heart and brand you with his mark Take a chance if you dare but you'll hide out if you're smart Full moon like the sheriff Steal a young girl's heart He'll make you pay Lock you in the jailhouse Of her eyes, theres no escape Only so much resistance Can you give to her charms Fight for survival When you lay down in her arms There's a full moon runnin' roughshod over lover's hearts tonight Don't you let it get the better of your emotions or your mind Corral your heart keep it far from love and lovely women He'll put spurs to your backside before you know you're ridden Full moon is a gambler Playin' out a pair to make it pay The odds to him don't matter But the nature of the game to make him play He may deal a fair hand To keep you in the game But he'll deal you from the bottom Cause it's pairs he likes to play There's a full moon runnin' roughshod over lover's hearts tonight He's ridin' fast, ridin' hard he's keepin' love alive Just keep your eyes away from pretty girls smiles Don't let him play you like a stray; he'll trap you with his wiles. copyright 1990-2000 Vernon R Batty
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