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Global Warming/Nconvenient Truth
Song 'bout what we all know 2 much of, but R we doing anything 2 help???...
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Austin Miller
March 10, 2009
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Story behind the song
Message song 'bout climate control and the on coming theart of gloom if we don't Bcome active...
Global Warming:To our children's children's great grandchildren,Save the trees, save the whales, but please save the planet, listen,We are the custodial guardians of this park called earth,It's our responsibility to preserve it from our very birth,We are granted privilege to reap this world's treasures, Self centered convenience cannot over shadow, our world so pure,Rebuttalist argue, What about the Ice Age?Yes meteors could have started Mother Nature's rage,Events so cataclysmic out of our control,But what about the unholy landscapes we have unrolled,It's not ok to say it's residue of technologies, evolution,Actually it's Khoas without a solution, Phophecies have been said, Heed their warning,Tomorrow is too late to stop Global Warming.NConvenient Truth:Don't be the ostrich with your head in the sand,Global warming's real, understand,The smog is getting thick, tight as a can,Sunlight's heat is bouncing,refracting held in the trap,How can we continue existing letting this happen,Listen to a wise old owl and give a hoot,It's an Nconvenient truth,Glaciers of Greenland depleting,The cracking masses, ice packs, disappearing,A mountain's face of Mt. Sigh changing, melting,If the ratio grows off of graph,Extreme disaster, nobody's gonna laugh,Anarctica thinks, no campers, hikers,Goodbye to Cuba, Phillipines, turnpikes,To Save New York we'll build 20 foot dykes,Lose Hawaii, and the vacation isles,San Francisco, LA, water miles.The polar caps are meling what about the bears,As the penguins flee, does anybody care,Salmon, whales, leaving in pairs scared, Tidal waves churning, clouding, flooding the world,Where's the oysters, clams, can you find earth's pearl?
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