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Still the Same
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This song was written in response to the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church – that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and thus the Church will stand too. Purchase the mp3 song file here.
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Susan Bailey
February 25, 2005
MP3 4.4 MB, 128 kbps, 4:50
Still the Same CHORUS: Jesus, He will never change Ageless, everlasting, still the same VERSE 1 Yes He died (yes He died) But forever now He lives We may sin and do wrong But He always will forgive If we turn to Him VERSE 2 Though our world (though our world) Is spinning out of our control And it seems that our pain Is getting harder to console He is here for us, He is here for us He is here for us VERSE 3 Though your trust (though your trust) May be broken and betrayed And the ones that you counted on You find have feet of clay You can count on Him, you can count on Him BRIDGE The wounds will heal, His church grow strong We are His Body, in His love we will go on And every person we must embrace The poor, the broken And the fallen in His grace. CHORUS Jesus, He will never change (His love flows forever) Ageless, everlasting, still the same (Through His wounded Body) (Through His Body) VERSE 4 You can find (you can find Him) In the breaking of the bread He in us, we in Him And His healing love can spread Spread forever
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