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(You Are) The One
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Another sappy piano ballad! Click on 'Lyrics/Story' for CD purchase information.
Pop - Pop Rock
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Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
January 31, 2003
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Story behind the song
This song is actually a rewrite of another song on this page. I changed key, added a new middle and a different feel. This recording features piano, bass and drums, with some strings in the back, and lead guitar here and there. I haven't been playing bass or piano much lately on recordings, letting the machine do it instead; but here I am taking the bulls by their respective horns, good or bad. The lyrics are of course, inspired by my amazing wife. My aim was to keep the message pure and simple. This is the first song written in 2003. Whoopie, huh? Buy the CD!
I know, that you are the one Who keeps me from the rain My shelter from the sun And I know, you'll be by my side No matter what it takes Through all of my mistakes Until the day is done And every battle's won You are the one I know, that you are the one An ever-guiding light My candle in the night And I know, you'll show me the way To love you so much more Than any day before After all the while I cherish every smile You are the one When you wake up, I look in your eyes When you're sleeping, I wonder why You're seeing, Something deep in me That's someone I'm trying hard to be (Solo) I know, that you are the one To hold me when I'm weak To hear when I can't speak And I know, you'll let me show you How brave that I can be When you believe in me On that we can depend Until the bitter end You are the one
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