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Into This World
a totally acoustic song composed and performed in a free alternative acoustic guitar style.
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Oleg Ivaniloff
Oleg Ivaniloff (C) 2005
February 23, 2005
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2:53 minutes
Story behind the song
Statistics says somebody new appears every 20 seconds. So if you divide the song time into 20 you'll be able get the approximate number:) Enjoy listening!
INTO THIS WORLD Well I think to myself what a wonderful life Fullfilled with emotions and sunshine delight They make it, they break it, they move it all there They gave it a name, come and join the sphere And somebody new's been born into this world I've lost resolution of how it used to be Unpuzzle the puzzle and puzzle for free If you ask me, babe, where am I to go You know, i could answer 16 years ago Where radio tuning was no mess at all Where music was true and accepting the call You recognize me and I get to know... And somebody new's been born into this world We used to be happy and happy we are I'm searching for room where to place my guitar You're seeking a job though willing to see Crimea, Ukraine and the Russian Black Sea Around the world they will hardly agree Sunshine on the beach seems a fire to me I'm bronzed to the bones and red wine is a cure It's quite at the top you may taste it for sure Their embassy wondered why I didn't work For those godlike people to hire or not. Hire retire... my life is no good I do have the money like my neighborhood But I'll nver sell my soul and never I would And somebody new's been born into this world
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